Grade Aid & Grade Aid -
  • Why is the selected row red at times and green at others?
  • When the grades are listed by number incorrect, which is the default, the row is highlighted with red. When the option to list grades by number correct is selected, the highlight is green.
  • How many questions can be listed?
  • You can display the scores for assignments up to 500 questions.
Tip Aid
  • How do I turn off the Split Total stuff?
  • You are able to turn off the Split Total stuff on the Options screen.
  • Why does the rounding not work when I edit the Tip or Total amount manually?
  • When you edit the Tip or Total amount manually, we take that as you making the decision yourself and you are entering exactly what you want to give. Tip Aid is not going to second guess your best judgement.
  • The percentage amounts are nice, but I like to tip 19.74% all the time. Why? It is a magic number. Can I somehow always give that percentage?
  • Not now, but maybe someday.
  • Why doesn't the tip total match the tip amount displayed at the bottom of some receipts?
  • Tip Aid uses the amount you enter in the Bill field. If you entered the total including taxes, your tip will be larger than the amount provided on the receipt, which excludes tax.
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